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Effective Parenting in this Defective World: How to raise kids who stand out from the crowd

Times have changed.  Just a few generations ago, getting in trouble meant talking too much in class or being disrespectful to your elders.  But today, the stakes are much higher.  The common entry-level offenses for school-age kids today often include drinking, experimenting with drugs, sexual activity, and recreational crime.  One small slip-up and a young person can find his life permanently altered, or ended together.  It’s a very negative world.

God isn’t taken by surprise.  In fact, He’s been using teenagers to change their world for thousands of years. And He can still equip you to be effective in your world. First, you need a picture of what He’s trying to accomplish through your parenting.  In this study, we’ll reveal the power of parenting with vision as we uncover the keys to raising positive keys in a negative world. (C Ingram)

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